Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages

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Original records of marriages in Lincoln County, Missouri from the earliest times (1819) to the present reside at the County Court House in Troy in the office of the Recorder of Deeds. Be advised that the earliest records only contain the marriage date and names of the bride and groom and of the officiant; there is no information about parents or other relatives. According to the FHL catalog listing of the microfilm reels, it appears that a requirement to obtain a marriage license began in 1882, and those are recorded separately from the marriage records, at least through 1931 (available as FHL film 973692, item 3). The marriage license record MAY contain additional personal information.

Marriages in Lincoln County, Missouri are available to researchers in various collections of indexes and lists. Traditional sources are various printed and other hardcopy publications and microform media as well as certain commercial online facilities that require a paid subscription. However, index listings of marriages in Lincoln County are available FREE online to researchers in four collections. The traditional sources have roughly corresponding, but possibly varying, data. The first two free collections are databases on this website; the third and fourth are available through external links.

  1. Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages 1818 to 2002 is derived primarily from the transcriptions prepared by Alvin E. Dunard in about 2001 and 2002/2003 which contain about 27,000 marriage records for that period. The database also includes the Colored marriages from 1865 to 1881 and eleven years of early marriage licenses reported in the Troy Free Press.
  2. Emily Wilson has extracted about 7,600 marriages from multiple sources as of March, 2008.
  3. Lincoln County USGenWeb site online postings, including Book 1 marriages 1825-1842.
  4. The International Genealogical Index (IGI) is based on extractions of original marriage records by the LDS (Mormon) Church for the period 1825-1881.

Each free online collection is described in the following sections. A Lincoln County marriage index is also available at at least one fee-based service. However, it is apparently less complete and probably less accurate than the free indexes. See notes at end.

Some printed and other hardcopy resources are listed at: Lincoln County USGenWeb site Bibliography, "Marriage Records" section. However, these printed listings were produced to meet the needs of their time, long before the internet became widespread with searchable online databases, and are limited in scope. Some of them are listed at the end of this page; see Hard Copy Sources.

Microfilm copies of the actual marriage records in the Recorder's office are available for loan from the LDS Family History Library (FHL) This includes an index 1860-1907, the marriage records 1825-1918 and marriage licenses 1882-1931. The LDS catalog citation reads: Marriage Records, 1825-1931; Marriage Index, 1860-1907. Lincoln County Circuit Clerk. Original records at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Troy, MO. The film reels and accompanying numbers are:
Family History Library US/CAN Film (all)

Marriage Index, vol. 1-5 1860-1907 0973688
Marriage records, vol. 1-3 1825-1879 0973688
Marriage records, vol. 4-6 1879-1893 0973689
Marriage records, vol. 7-9 1893-1909 0973690
Marriage records, vol. 10-11 1909-1918 0973691
Marriage Licenses 1882-1931 0973692, items 1-2
Marriage records (colored) 1865-1901 0973692, item 3
A separate, additional reel:
Black Marriage records 1865-1881 1547662, item 4
Last check of FHL catalog October 2013 shows the above list to be current. Apparently no underlying marriage records from 1919 to 1931 have been filmed. I do not know how the "Black Marriage records 1865-1881 1547662, item 4" differs from "Marriage records (colored) 1865-1901 0973692, item 3." The latter actually only covers 1865-1881. Presumably the former is a newer filming, as they occasionally made repeat filmings of the same set of records to get better quality images.

Contact and other information about the Lincoln County Recorder's offices is at Researching at the Courthouse .

Other observations:

Handwriting of the original records was often extremely difficult to decipher, which I found out first hand from my own attempt at transcribing the Lincoln County records. Consequently, the computerized databases do contain discrepancies, either through misinterpretation or typos. In my brief reviews, I have found a few. Consequently, the best approach is to check all applicable databases and try various approaches in searching. But as always, only the original record is considered the authoritative source.

Record Anomolies

I am not local to Lincoln County and do not have access to original records at the court house or the FHL microfilms except the one I discuss, so am unable to resolve discrepancies.

Marriages License Register

The Marriage Licenses 1882-1931 series (FHL Film 0973692, items 1-2) consists of two books. Both books are register-style listings of participants' names and dates and do NOT include any other information. One single line for each license record. The microfilm does NOT show any application forms. I do not know if an application form was filled out, what information that form may have included and if forms were saved and filed. The first book list covers the licenses issued from 25 May 1882 through 15 March 1903 and is 119 pages. It lists groom, bride and date the license was issued. The list in the second book covers the licenses issued from 21 March 1903 through 21 January 1931 and is 114 pages. It lists groom, bride, date the license was issued, the date of the marriage return (a few just say "returned" or are blank) and the name of the officiant. Colored are noted "(col.)" by the respective names as they were no longer listed in a separate book. The handwriting in these books is fairly good and readable.

Colored Marriages 1865-1881


I subsequently discovered that the Dunard transcription did not include the so-called "Colored" marriages. These were kept in separate book in the Recorder's office beginning 27 July 1865 and going through 1881. This book was microfilmed by the Family History Library and is available on microfilm:
         Marriage records (colored) 1865-1901 0973692, item 3
A separate, additional reel:
         Black Marriage records 1865-1881 1547662, item 4.
The FHL library catalog says the index of the first runs from 1865 to 1901; however, the last actual record is 1881. I did not see anything after that year and have no idea how they came up with 1901. The 1881 end coincides with beginning of the marriage license series in 1882, probably not a coincidence. I do not know how the two films differ, having only seen the older one. They occasionally made repeat filmings of the same set of records to get better quality images.

I borrowed a copy of the FHL film, transcribed the marriages and added the records to the database. There were 331. In the Dunard database section, the Volume field shows the page number and sequence number within the page. It is shown prefixed with code 'CO'. Page 1 was blank for no apparent reason, so that number does not appear.

There are two parts to the Colored series: An index book and the record book containing the marriage recordings. The record book was a handwritten copy done by the county recorder clerk of a marriage record submitted by the officiant, either a minister or justice of the peace. Each marriage record was re-written in full by the clerk. There were three to five marriage records per page.

The index book was an attempt at an alphabetical list by surname and reference to the page numbers of the records book to ease location. One part of the index was for grooms. The other part was for brides. I found instances were grooms were missed in the index and the brides part was substantially incomplete, so the index was only usable for clarifying some handwriting issues. As described later, there are further limitations and issues with the index and it is not reliable.

Observations, Comments, Conditions, Issues, Anomolies, Discussions, etc.

Viewing the actual underlying records is always more revealing and informative than just looking at a computerized index. The following are a few observations and comments.

  1. In the historical documents, context and cataloging, they are specifically titled "Colored" marriages. I will use the correct historical term to reference them.
  2. Until January 11, 1865, the laws of the State of Missouri sanctioned and protected property in slaves. A slave could be bought and sold, willed, inherited, hired out and seized for debt. Since slave marriages might interfere with the owner's rights in his property, slave marriages were not legally recognized. Consequently, couples cohabitated and had children.
  3. The first colored marriage took place 26 July 1865 and next 09 August 1865. Then, fifteen marriages occurred on 12 August 1865. There was a subsequent flood of marriages in 1865 and 1866, then they tapered off.
  4. Many of the early marriage records from 1865 to the 1870's contain an addendum by the Justice of the Peace that names the children of the couple and usually with their ages. This probably served the legal purpose to "legitimize" them but is a priceless record for genealogists. The original record or microfilm will need to be consulted, as that information is not online here.
  5. The original marriage book records may also have other, additional information.
  6. Handwriting on the index and record images was extremely difficult to decipher in places. In some cases it's just a guess. In others, it was simply undecipherable. Some issues:
  7. A separate index was prepared with separate sections for grooms and brides. The index was included on the FHL film. However, it is not complete or reliable.
  8. In the main record book:
  9. A lot of marriages performed by Lewis Overton of M.E. (Methodist Epispocal) South.
  10. Many of these people may have been born with only a given name, especially in the historical context of having been slaves. I do not know how many of those in this marriage database had been slaves. However, the point is that I suspect the surnames that are reported were aassumed by the individuals. Probably from prominent white families they liked or that were prominent. Or where they lived. Many of the surnames shown are, in fact, prominent Lincoln County families such as Whitesides, Uptegrove, Crenshaw, Abbott, Admire, Palmer, Watts, Hammonds, Parke, etc. who are definitely not related. If it is a surname of a prominent white family, check that family and that MIGHT be a clue as to where they lived and possibly their origin, possibly having migrated with them.
  11. Bride's surname: In a number of cases, the bride's surname listed is the same as the husband's. It should not be assumed that this was actually her maiden name, though cousins sometimes intermarried. They may or may not have already been cohabitating and the bride had already assumed her husband's surname. She may have been born without a surname. In a couple cases, a surname is not given for the bride.
  12. Clerks seemed to have trouble remembering to cross their double t's. So, for example, I suspect that some that appeared as "Hull" or "Hall" should have been "Hutt." Or Walls vs. Watts
  13. Image quality

Some Early Marriages

The earliest marriages in Lincoln County took place between 1819 and 1825 and are listed in the Dunard transcription with a Book code of "BC". These specific marriages were apparently copied into his database from a transcription of marriages written in the 1990's from those recorded in the Lincoln County Recorder of Deeds, Book C. That explains the "BC" book code. The adjoining number is the page. Apparently in these very early days, marriages were recorded in the same book as all other county business such as real estate transfers. In 1825, somebody (thankfully) made the decision to record marriages in a separate ledger book. Thus began the first marriage book starting with Book code number "01". In certain descriptions of these records, the term "volume" may be used. It's the same as "book number" (I think).

Unlike the marriages beginning with Book code "01", those with code "BC" are not included in the International Genealogical Index (IGI). That is likely because those marriages were mixed in with other Recorder's transactions, they were not noticed by the initial transcribers and the list is a third-party transcription from the 1990's. I have been advised by the original transcriber in October 2012, that one early marriage may have been missed in the transcription.

The sequence indicated by the page numbers generally corresponds to the marriage date. However, in some cases, the sequence of dates does not precisely parallel with the page numbers. In these early days, marriages were often recorded long after they took place. Travel was difficult, knowledge of legal requirements haphazard and other priorities, like survival, took precedence.

The "BC" code marriages from the Dunard transcription are:

BC-012 WRIGHT       MORGAN    07-21-1819 DUNCAN      FRANCES
BC-346 MURDOCK      JAMES     09-05-1819 LYNN        ANN
BC-073 CALLAWAY     JAMES     01-18-1820 LEWIS       URSULA
BC-181 THOMAS       DAVID C.  08-16-1821 ALLEN       MATILDA
BC-188 HAYES        HENRY     10-28-1821 COTTLE      SOPHRONIA
BC-343 GIBSON       JOSEPH    01-15-1824 COPHER      MATILDA
BC-360 BEAN         JAMES     07-27-1824 LEWIS       ELIZABETH
BC-349 SITTON       JOSHUA M. 02-22-1825 BELL        ELIZABETH
BC-360 HOWDESHELL   HIRAM     03-31-1825 BERRY       PALIA M.
BC-373 GALE         JAMES     09-15-1825 GALLOWAY    MARY

Book "01" marriages date from 1825 to September 1841; Book "02" begins November 1841. The first fifteen Book "01" marriages, which include all those from 1825 are:

01-001 ENGLISH       JOHN            08-03-1825 DAVIS         KATHERINE
01-001 WOMMACK       RICHARD         08-18-1825 SMILEY        CINTHY
01-001 CANNON        EPHRIAM [1825*] 11-20-1825 HUNTER        DOROTHY
01-002 KERR          WILLIAM [1826*] 01-19-1825 DRAPER        PATSEY
01-002 JAMESON       JOHN            11-12-1825 GILLILAND     POLLY
01-002 GILILLAND     JOHN            12-25-1825 PRESLEY       ELIZABETH
01-002 OAKLEY        HARRY   [1825*] 12-25-1826 WILLSON       SUSANNA MRS.
01-003 SIMPSON       THOMAS  [1826*] 03-18-1825 GALLOWAY      BETSEY
01-003 EVANS         ABRAHAM [1825*] 10-13-1825 SHRUM         LENNEY
01-003 COX           JOHN B.         01-22-1826 WILLSON       BATHSHEBA
01-004 SITTON        SAMUEL G.       02-23-1826 PORTERRE      BECKY
01-004 ALLEN         EDWIN           05-06-1826 WADE          JANE
01-004 HUBBARD       ELI             07-23-1826 CANNON        KESIAH
01-004 SAPP          SAMUEL          07-27-1826 SAPP          MILLINDA

* Year as shown in IGI.

Marriage Season

Marriage is a key area of study for anthropologists and social scientists, and a significant aspect is when people get married. In current times, June is the most desired marriage month, but that apparently wasn't so in times past. Other priorities took precedence in an agrarian society which included planting the crops in the spring, chores during the summer, harvesting in the fall and transportation in winter. Consequently, at least in Lincoln County, late fall was the popular time to get married, after the harvest which hopefully was successful and cause for celebration.

Breakdown of marriages by month, from the Dunard data:


   January       7.69%
   February      8.31
   March         7.72
   April         7.55
   May           6.61
   June          7.07
   July          5.90
   August        7.92
   September     9.47
   October      10.54
   November     10.25
   December     10.97

                1818-1860    1861-1902     1903-1945
# of marriages:   2,064         5,517         8,396

 January          9.88%         8.70%         6.49%
 February        10.56          8.66          7.49
 March            9.16          8.45          6.90
 April            7.46          7.23          7.75
 May              6.64          5.40          7.37
 June             5.28          5.13          8.84
 July             5.57          4.19          7.11
 August           6.69          5.71          9.68
 September        7.61          9.73          9.74
 October          9.06         12.33          9.72
 November        10.22         11.29          9.60
 December        11.87         13.18          9.31

Births, Divorces and Deaths

See Lincoln County Missouri page, sections beginning at Births.


Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages 1818 to 2002
(Alvin E. Dunard Transcription)

Database Content

The Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages 1818-2002 is a searchable database of about 27,000 marriages recorded at Lincoln County, Missouri during that period. This online database is derived primarily from a series of two computer print-outs of transcriptions of Lincoln County marriages compiled by Alvin E. Dunard. The two print-outs exist in the form of a stack of loose pages in a corner of the local history room at the Palmer Library in Elsberry, Missouri. The print-outs were unbound and showed no signs of even being cataloged by the library.

The first print-out covered the years 1818-1945 and was separate listings by groom surname and bride surname, each consisting of 288 unnumbered pages containing 15,997 marriages. Page 1 was a banner page with no marriage data and page 288 was blank. The banner page describes the listing as "LINCOLN COUNTY MARRIAGES FOR YEARS 1818-1945" even though the first marriage listed was July 21, 1819. (See below.)

The second print-out covered the years 1946-2002 and consisted of 196 unnumbered pages containing 10,950 marriages.

There was no description of the methodology or source(s) used to compile the data. But since Mr. Dunard lived in Troy and the records include the Book and Page number, it is presumed that they were transcribed onsite directly from the original marriage books at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Troy. Based on this apparent origin, my actual use of this database, my informal comparison to the other databases and my random comparison to various known marriages from other sources, at this point the presumption should be that the Dunard database is the most comprehensive and accurate single published database of marriages in Lincoln County for the years 1825-2002. I have found a few discrepancies in names and dates due to probable typo errors or misinterpretation of difficult to read handwriting. However, those discrepancies are generally not significant enough to prevent locating the desired records through reasonable search parameters. But do not assume that either the spelling of names or dates are precisely correct. Consult the original marriage record, as that is considered the primary evidence source, not a third-party index.

I ran scanner images of the pages onsite and later OCR'd them into text files. The OCR did a very accurate job of translating the printed characters into computer text (99%+ accuracy), but column alignment was a problem and took some manual effort to correct. I have skimmed through the results and corrected the few OCR errors found, but did not do a field-by-field proof-read. I am confident in the results, but a few OCR errors or anomolies may remain.

Other Additions

In addition to the 26,957 Dunard records, the database contains marriage records from two additional sources:

  1. Marriage records (colored) 1865-1901 from FHL film 0973692, item 3.
  2. Troy Free Press reporting of marriage licenses issued for eleven various early years, published in the following January edition of the paper.

I subsequently discovered that the so-called "Colored" marriage records were not included in the Dunard transcription, so I obtained the FHL film, transcribed them and added them to the database. Those are 331 records. I can personally vouch for the difficulty in reading and properly interpreting some very bad handwriting. Description of these records in the preceding section.

The marriage license reports in the Troy Free Press are for the years 1884, 1887, 1897, 1898, 1900, 1911, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1922, 1923 and contain 1,441 records. I am not sure whether the dates shown are the date of the license or the date of the actual marriage and were recorded from a return of the license. The date reported may have varied depending on the inclination of the transcriber.

Group Codes

Corresponding to the four groups described above, the Group codes are:
A - Dunard 1818-1945
B - Dunard 1946-2002
C - Colored 1865-1881
D - Troy Free Press - Eleven non-consecutive years


Keep in mind reminder (again):

Alvin E. Dunard

Alvin E. Dunard was born 30 September 1933 and died 18 February 2005, last residence in Troy, Lincoln County, Missouri (SSDI). I looked for an obituary for him but could not find one. According to the 1940 census in Bedford Township (outside Troy, Sheet 5A), he was born in Missouri (presumed rural Bedford Township), son of Joseph N. and Daisy V. (Deffendall) Dunard and brother of Mary Louise, Charles, Florence and Barbara Dunard. Possibly younger siblings born after 1940.

Joseph Nicholas Dunard was born 3 October 1886 in Lincoln Co., Missouri son of Charles Dunard and Naomi (Neoma) Cox (married 10 January 1886 at Lincoln County); died about 15 July 1956 near Silex and was buried at Troy City Cemetery. It appears Joseph was married first 24 Sep 1913 at Lincoln County to a Bette E. Weber. Daisy Victoria Deffendall was born 24 March 1909; died 7 January 1998 presumably at Springfield, Greene County, Missouri (last SSDI residence); presumably buried at Troy City Cemetery in front of Joseph (marker present but appears to be a cremation interment or a cenotaph).

Searching the Database

Warnings and Cautions


Generally, I am very hesitant to change the original data from the transcription print-out, especially since I do not have access to the original, underlying marriage records to check. I would not change clerk's recording. I have seen apparent errors and others have been communicated to me. Some errors appear to be due to clerks of original records and spelling variations in original records. However, others likely due to error in deciphering difficult-to-read handwriting and simple typo's. I have decided to handle apparent errors as follows:

Original Print-Out Specifications: 1818-1945

    288 pages total, not numbered
    144 leaves
    286 data pages
      1 - Cover, preface
      2 - Start of data
    288 - Last page (blank)

     56 lines per page, exceptions:
          53 first page
          40 last page

 15,997 total original records, a few are apparent duplicates.

Original Print-Out Specifications: 1946-2002

    196 pages total, not numbered
     98 leaves
    196 data pages
      1 - Start of data

     56 lines per page, exceptions:
          30 last page

 10,950 total original records


Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages - Wilson Database

Database Content

This database was submitted 09 March 2008 by Emily Wilson. It contains 7,596 marriages for Lincoln County, Missouri extracted from the following sources:

The original file was supplied in GEDCOM format which I converted to a database for search and display on a website.

Searching the Database

Searching this database is similar to the Dunard database.


Lincoln County USGenWeb Online Marriages

The Lincoln County USGenWeb site online postings include "County Recorder's Marriage Records," Vol. 1, 1825-1842 (Missouri State Archives Microfilm #C 3902); transcriptions of marriage licenses published in the Troy Free Press for eleven selected years 1884-1923 and miscellaneous submissions. See Lincoln County "Marriage & Divorce Records"

International Genealogical Index (IGI)

The International Genealogical Index (IGI) is based on extractions of original marriage records of Lincoln County by the LDS (Mormon) Church for the period 1825-1881. The records were (presumably) originally microfilmed at the County Courthouse in Troy and later indexed into their computer database. The microfilms are available to the public and the index can be searched online at their FamilySearch website.

Records in the IGI are organized in "Batches." Although it is possible to search the IGI on just name(s), knowing the Batch Number allows one to focus the search, in this case to Lincoln County. Further, just entering the batch number will display all entries on that batch; entering just the surname is also allowed. Be forewarned that in searching it is always necessary to select the "Region", which in this case is North America.

IGI batches for Lincoln County are:

   index: M515341
      Dates: 1825-1879, Source Call No.: 0973688 V. 1-3
   index: M515342
      Dates: 1879-1885, Source Call No.: 0973689 V. 4-5
   index: M515343
      Dates: 1865-1881, Source Call No.: 0973692 It 3

In addition to these specific batches derived from the original handwritten records, the IGI also includes patron-submissions. Those submissions are in other batches. Those submissions usually do not cite sources, so must be used with caution. However, they may, or may not, supply additional information and/or alternate (sometimes correct) spellings.

However, during 2012, separate access to the IGI as a separate database via the Family Search website was reportedly discontinued. The data has been incorporated into the Family Search global search facility which acts as a kitchen sink search. One problem with the IGI is that it had become saturated with uncited patron submissions which too many researchers relied upon as proven fact, in addition to the extractions from primary source records. The batch numbers will continue to be displayed in the detail search results page, but it does not appear to be possible to search on batch number through the global search. But as of October 2012, the following link still works to bring up a panel to search just the IGI. Note the radio buttons to select either: "Community Indexed IGI" - which will be primary source extractions OR "Community Contributed IGI" - which could be just about anything. Hopefully this hidden gem will remain.

Fee-based services

Marriage records are also available online in various databases for a fee at As of 2008 the charge is $155 per year minimum, but access to is available for free at many public libraries through a library subscription. One such database is Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002. The advantage of access to this database is that it provides links to images of the underlying marriage books. However, as of November, 2008, the actual date span coverage for Lincoln County is nowhere near 2002. They may add records in the future. There are two sections: the "Index" and the "Records." The Index is the actual index from the Lincoln County courthouse and includes years 1825 to 1931. The "Record" is indexed links to images of the actual marriage records existing in the courthouse, but only covers the years 1825 to 1918. Be advised that the early records in Lincoln County only include the names of the bride and groom, the date and (I think) the name of the officiant. They do not include names of parents or bondsman, etc. Corresponding indexes and images are available for Pike County: Index images from 1825 to 1960 with substantial gaps inbetween and Record images from 1825 to 1916.

The main search menu for Lincoln County is at Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 > Lincoln The subsidiary menus are:

Some other Missouri marriage databases with possible Lincoln County content at Ancestry are: but 1) coverage dates for specifically Lincoln County are unstated and 2) they do not seem to have anything additional to offer for Lincoln County research with the possible exception finding a hit from different spellings. Keyword search of all database titles, bottom of page: Ancestry database list search

Hard copy sources

Following are some old, pre-internet printed listings of Lincoln County marriages, citation text from LDS catalog listing:

Lincoln County, Missouri Marriage Records, 1825-1844.
   Compiled by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, 1961.

    * Film rental thru Family History Center, microfilm #0897450, item 3
    * Book at St. Louis Genealogical Society library, St. Louis, MO.
    * Book at Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA.
    * Book at Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, KS.
        #929.3 EL59Li

Lincoln County Missouri, Marriages.  By Anna Henson.  Bowling Green, MO:
   Ram Pub., 1991? (vol. 1 1825-1845; vol. 2 1846-1859; vol. 3 1860-c1879;
   vol. 4. 1879-1887)
    * Books at Family History Library at Salt Lake City
    * All volumes at Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, KS.
        (#977.837 H398 v. 1, 2, 3, 4)
   [FHL catalog: NOT on microfilm]

Minutes, Lincoln County, Missouri Marriages.  (25 May) 1882-(25 Mar) 1903.
  St. Charles, MO: St. Charles Co. Geneal. Society, c1992.
    * Book at Family History Library at Salt Lake City
    * Book at Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence KS. #977.837 M668

Lincoln County, Missouri marriages : 1819-1842
  compiled & indexed by George W. Giles
  authors: Giles, George W.
  format: Books/Monographs
  language: English
  publication: Moscow Mills, Missouri : Lincoln County Genealogical Society (Missouri), c1999
  physical: v.
  subject class: 977.837 V2

Register of baptisms, deaths & marriages in the Catholic church at
  Hannibal, Mo. & adjoining stations in Marion, Ralls, Pike &
  Lincoln Co.'s, Missouri, commenced May 23, 1848

  stmt. resp.: by Kathleen Wilham
  authors: Wilham, Kathleen
  format: Books/Monographs
  language: English
  publication: Shelbyville, Missouri : K. Wilham Geneal. Research & Pub., c1987
  physical: 21 leaves.
  subject class: 977.8 K2
    Title from cover.
    It appears that the majority of the records in this book represent
      Marion and Ralls counties. The other counties mentioned in the
      title were not noted in the contents though they may, in fact,
      be represented because many entries lack locality indicators.
    Includes index.

Missouri marriages to 1850

  stmt. resp.: by Linda Barber Brooks
  authors: Brooks, Linda Barber
  format: Books/Monographs
  language: English
  publication: St. Louis, Missouri : Ingmire Publications, c1983-
  physical: v.
  subject class: 977.8 V2
    Title from cover.
    Includes bride's index in each volume.
    Arrangement of records is alphabetical by groom's name.
    Volumes one and two include Andrew, Audrain, Barry, Caldwell, Callaway,
      Cape Girardeau, Cass, Chariton, Cole, Harrison, Jackson, Jasper,
      Jefferson, Johnson, Linn, Moniteau, Nodaway, Perry, Pike, Putman,
      Ralls, Saline, Shelby, St. Francois, St. Genevieve, Texas,
      Van Buren, and Warren counties.
    Volume three includes Adair, Boone, Callaway, Cedar, Clark, Daviess,
      DeKalb, Franklin, Gasconade, Grundy, Holt, Howard, Jefferson, Knox,
      Lafayette, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Madison, Marion, Miller,
      Monroe, Oregon, Osage, Perry, Pike, Platte, Polk, Randolph, Ripley,
       Schuyler, Scotland, Scott, St. Charles, Sullivan, and Washington
    Contents: v. 1. A-K -- v. 2. L-Z -- v. 3. A-Z.

Early Missouri marriages to 1840 taken from the following counties :
   Audrain, Barry, Benton, Buchanan, Callaway, Carroll, Chariton, Clay,
   Clinton, Cole, Cooper, Daviess, Henry, Howard, Jackson, Jefferson,
   Johnson, Lafayette, Lincoln, Pettis, Pike, Platte, Randolph, Ray,
  stmt. resp.: compiled by Mrs. J.R. Carter
  authors: Carter, J. R., Mrs.
  format: Books/Monographs/Book with Film
  language: English
  publication: Sedalia, Missouri : [s.n., 190-?]
  physical: 3 v.
  subject class: 977.8 V25
    Call Number Location Collection/Shelf Availability
    977.8 V25c Family History Library US/CAN Book Available
    977.8 V25c v. 2 Family History Library US/CAN Book Available
    977.8 V25c v. 3 Family History Library US/CAN Book Available
    Film Notes
  Note Location Film
    v. 1, A - G, v. 3, N - Z also on microfilm. Salt Lake City :
    Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971. on 1 microfilm
    reel ; 35 mm. Family History Library US/CAN Film 928077 Items 4-5
    v. 2, H - M also on microfilm. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the
    Genealogical Society of Utah, 1976. on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.
    Family History Library US/CAN Film 823928 Item 4

Yearly Marriage License Lists Published in the Troy Free Press.

    * 1911 Marriage Licenses - Troy Free Press, (Troy, Lincoln Co., MO)
        19 January 1912, page 7
    * 1916 Marriage Licenses - Troy Free Press (Troy, Lincoln Co., MO)
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